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David J. Shippy, BSEE 1983
Inducted in 2020

David J. Shippy, BSEE 1983

When David Shippy graduated from the University of Kentucky in 1983 with a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering, he followed in the footsteps of his father and UK College of Engineering faculty member Dr. David Shippy. While at UK, the younger Shippy held membership in Eta Kappa Nu, the electrical engineering honor society, and frequently made the Dean’s list. Shippy says his engineering education at UK laid a strong foundation in engineering for his master’s program at Syracuse University and, later, a 30- year career as a computer engineer.

Shippy served as IBM’s chief architect and technical leader in the area of high-performance microprocessor chips, which included technology for handheld devices, notebook computers, desktop computers, game machines, mainframes and supercomputers. He led the architecture team for the microprocessor technology in the Deep Blue supercomputer that was the first computer to defeat a human, Garry Kasparov, in a game of chess. Later, Shippy became the chief architect for the supercomputer on a chip technology in the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, which set speed records. Shippy was also the chief architect for the computer chips that brought personal computer speed to the iPhone and iPad.

Shippy is currently CEO of the Shippy Multifamily Group, which syndicates and manages a portfolio of real estate properties and employs over 110 employees. His purchases are valued at nearly $1 billion.

Shippy holds over 50 patents in the computer engineering field and has received numerous industry awards for innovation, including the highest honor at IBM—the Master Invention Award—as well as other technology and real estate investing awards. He was honored as a Fellow at Advanced Micro Devices, where he led the architecture team for the Xbox One microprocessor technology. He has been named Independent Real Estate Owner of the Year on multiple occasions.

Shippy has also written and published two books: “The Race for a New Game Machine” and “Money Matters for Financial Freedom.” These books reveal leadership and business skills, as well as encourage teamwork, innovation and effective communication. He frequently speaks at conferences and workshops.

Shippy served on the advisory board for the UK Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering for many years. He and his wife, Leslie, formed a foundation called #ShippyGivesBack through which he volunteers his time and money to worthy causes.

Shippy lives in Austin, Texas, with his wife, Leslie. They have two children.