Not the usual Dean’s message

Deans are managers. That is a good thing when decisions need to be made, but it can be a problem for encouraging innovation. After all, managers make decisions aimed at keeping things under control.

But innovation isn’t a top-down phenomenon.

Innovation can’t be controlled or managed.

Innovation can’t be commanded.

Instead, innovation emerges—in the labs and roundtables and in friendly arguments with colleagues at the local coffee shop. Innovation is nurtured by its environment.

At the University of Kentucky College of Engineering, we strive to live by the principle of “Innovation with impact, research with results.” Our mandate is to engage in research that improves the quality of life, drives economic development and enriches the educational experience of our students. As a result, we have developed a strong roster of stellar researchers of international reputations in the College and a collection of research projects that represents the most visible aspects of the good things going on in the UK College of Engineering.