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UK Electrical Engineering Team Wins Award for Open-Source System That Detects Bird Sounds

Mike Johnson, professor and chair in the University of Kentucky Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, led the team, which worked on the project over the summer.

Three NASA EPSCoR Proposals Selected for Awards

Three recent NASA EPSCoR proposals have been selected for $100,000 awards. All of these projects are managed under the NASA Kentucky programs.

NOW HIRING: Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering hiring four faculty positions

The new positions are part of the UK College of Engineering's initiative to hire 20 new faculty members in the coming year. 

Department Spotlights

Bryan Willis

After graduating this week, Bryan Willis will begin working at NASA, where he will help construct the Portable Life Support System (PLSS), otherwise known as the back-pack, on the upcoming spacesuit.

Electrical and Computer Engineering


Kelsey Daley

An electrical engineering major with minors in mathematics and computer science, Kelsey Daley turned an elevator pitch into a summer internship at Northrop Grumman's Palmdale, California, location.

Electrical and Computer Engineering


Emily Novak

From working on a car manufacturing line to designing test systems for jet engines, Emily Novak has done it all. And she’s a fourth-year electrical engineering major at UK.

Electrical and Computer Engineering