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Dziubla Named Next Chemical and Materials Engineering Department Chair

Thomas D. Dziubla, professor of chemical engineering at the University of Kentucky, has been named the next chair of the University of Kentucky Department of Chemical and Materials Engineering. Dziubla has taught at UK since 2006 and served as director of graduate studies for chemical engineering from 2013-2018. He will begin his new responsibilities July 1, 2019.

Dziubla received a B.S. in chemical engineering from Purdue University in 1998 and a Ph.D. in chemical engineering from Drexel University in 2002. From 2002–2004, Dziubla was an NRSA postdoctoral fellow in the Institute for Environmental Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine under the guidance of Dr. Vladimir Muzykantov, where he worked on the design of degradable polymeric nanocarriers for the delivery of antioxidants.

Dziubla’s research group is interested in the design of new functional polymeric biomaterials which can actively control local cellular oxidative stress for improved biomaterial integration and disease treatment. He holds five patents, has authored over 75 peer-reviewed publications, edited a book on oxidative stress and biomaterials and is an associate editor of the Journal of Biomedical Materials Research Part B: Applied Biomaterials. Along with Gill Eminent Professor of Chemical Engineering Zach Hilt, Dziubla is the co-founder of Bluegrass Advanced Materials, LLC, a company that is currently developing and commercializing technologies based upon research from their laboratories. 

Dziubla will succeed professor Douglass Kalika, who will return to the faculty after serving as chair since 2009.