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CE508 Class Tours Construction at UK College of Law

On October 15, civil engineering assistant professor Gabriel Dadi and his CE508 class endured a steady onslaught of rain and took a site visit to the UK College of Law building currently under construction. The course is a senior level elective in the area of construction engineering and project management that focuses on construction methods.

“Once a year, we try to get our boots dirty (or muddy in today’s case) and see how construction actually happens as opposed to me just talking about it in the classroom,” joked Dadi.  “A record number of enrolled students (66) made it challenging to coordinate, so we went in two separate shifts.”

The hosts for the tour were Cole Combs (BSCE ’02) and Kaleb Lancaster (BSCE ’18) from Congleton-Hacker. They discussed the challenging logistics of storing material and moving heavy equipment on a crowded project flanked by campus buildings and a busy street with overhead powerlines, as well as various challenges with phasing the construction work and plenty of neat features about the final design. Congleton-Hacker has been a huge supporter of the UK construction program in civil engineering, led primarily by their president and CEO, Mr. Larry Cowgill.