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Recap of College of Engineering Awards Banquet sponsored by Tau Beta Pi

College of Engineering Awards

Engineering Alumni Association Senior Leadership Award: Joshua Feinn, Lindsey Gillaspie

Lou Takacs Engineering Co-op Award: Damarcus Smiley

Henry Mason Lutes Award for Excellence in Engineering Education: Czarena Crofcheck


Tau Beta Pi Awards

Most Outstanding Senior: Grant Boggess

Most Outstanding Staff: Nancy Miller

Most Outstanding Professor: Tom Dziubla

Dr. Bruce L. Walcott Tau Beta Pi Most Outstanding Service Award: Suzanne Weaver Smith


Joseph Halcomb III, M.D. Department of Biomedical Engineering

Outstanding Teacher: Babak Bazrgari

Outstanding Graduate Student (Masters): Sarah Thomas

Outstanding Graduate Student (Doctoral): Milad Vazirian


Department of Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering

Frank Woeste Award: Smruti Patil

Outstanding Junior: Amanda Williams

Outstanding Senior: Ulalo Chirwa

Outstanding Teacher: Czarena Crofcheck


Department of Civil Engineering

Outstanding Junior: Allison Laber

Outstanding Senior: Freddy Lause

Outstanding University Scholar: Travis Watts

Outstanding Graduate Student: Ethan Adams

Outstanding Teacher: Gabriel Dadi, Kelly Pennell


Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Outstanding Computer Engineering Junior: Stephanie McCormick

Outstanding Computer Engineering Senior: Travis Renton, Angelo Stekardis, Zachary Davis

Outstanding Electrical Engineering Junior: Galvin Greene

Outstanding Electrical Engineering: Dylan Staples

Alex Romanowitz Memorial Award: Abby Shelton

Robert L Cosgriff Award: Gabe Smith

Outstanding HKN Junior: Cole Richardson

Outstanding HKN Senior: Lucian Hymer

Outstanding Academic Performance in Computer Science: Lindsey Gillaspie

Outstanding Teacher in Electrical and Computer Engineering: Jeffrey Ashley

Tau Beta Pi Outstanding Graduate Student: Paul Eberhart


Department of Chemical and Materials Engineering

AIChE Senior: Joshua Feinn

Omega Chi Epsilon Outstanding Senior Member: Ava Vargason

Outstanding Chemical Engineering Junior Award: Luke Wesley

Honorable Mentions: Park Huff; Lauren Mehanna; Abby Munsterman

Outstanding Chemical Engineering Senior Award: Emily Daley

Honorable Mentions: Jonathan Coburn; Sarah Smith; Ava Vargason

Outstanding CME Graduate Students: Syed Islam; Abhishek Kognole

Outstanding Chemical Engineering Teacher Award: Sarah Wilson

Outstanding Teacher in Paducah: Jeff Seay

ASM International Bluegrass Chapter Scholarships: Hannah Frankel; Mujan Seif

Outstanding Materials Engineering Junior Awards: Benjamin Begley; Hannah Goldstein

Outstanding Materials Engineering Senior Awards: Grant Boggess; Mujan Seif

Outstanding MSE Graduate Students: Pei Cai; Tao Chen

Outstanding Materials Engineering Teacher Award: John Balk


Department of Computer Science

Outstanding Academic Performance: Sam Davidson, Zack Anderson, Kathleen Clark, Roxanne Coburn

Outstanding Teaching Assistant: Tawfiq Salem

Outstanding Graduating Senior: Ethan Smith

Outstanding Teacher: Raphael Finkel

Thaddeus B. Curtz Memorial Scholarship: Menghua Zhai


Department of Mechanical Engineering

ASME Bluegrass Section Outstanding Scholar: William Jones

J.W. May Achievement Award: Matthew Ebert

Pi Tau Sigma Outstanding Sophomore: Kristen Price

Outstanding Junior: Sydney Litterer

Outstanding Senior: Katherine Burgess

ASME Outstanding Faculty: L. Scott Stephens

Outstanding Teacher in Paducah: Jack Maddox


Department of Mining Engineering

Outstanding Senior: Brooklyn Yonts

Academic Excellence Award: Brooklyn Yonts

Outstanding Teacher: Zacharias Agioutantis

Junior Academic Achievement Award: Chandler Absher, Trevor Rosania