ECS UNIX Resources

You may upgrade your Engineering E-mail account to a UNIX account, which grants you access to several additional UNIX servers. All of the files in your account are shared by all of the servers except the Web server, so you don't need to worry about which machine has the most recent copy of your crucial project reports.

Standard Utilities Utilities available on all servers

All of our UNIX servers have these utilities (among others) installed:

gccGNU's free ANSI-compatible C compiler. Front-ends for Fortran and C++ are also available.
ghostscript/ghostview/gvPostscript file viewer.
gzip/gunzipa file compression/uncompression utility
perla fairly easy-to-learn, versatile programming language.
picoa basic text editor. pine uses this by default
scpa secure file-transfer program. Use this instead of ftp.
ssha secure communication program. Use this instead of telnet.
vi, vima more cryptic text editor (vi) or its "improved" cousin (vim) College Web Mail Server

This is the machine you connect to when you read or download your e-mail, or to do a few account-managing things, like changing your password or setting up your e-mail to forward to another account.

You can download your mail from this system with any program that supports either IMAP or POP mail protocol (Thunderbird, Netscape (Communicator) Mail, Pegasus, Microsoft Outlook/Outlook Express, etc).

Or you could use a web browser, pointed at to read your mail through our Webmail interface.

www.engr.uky.eduCollege Web Server

Web server for Faculty, Staff, Students, and Groups related to the College of Engineering.

If you'd like a personal account on our web server, send e-mail to and request one. Please include your UKID number in the e-mail. (The request is not automatically processed, so it may take a few hours for one of us to get to it, especially if you make your request late at night.)

We don't moderate our web server for content, but we do ask that you keep your material within the bounds of good taste and legality. If we do find something illegal or terribly offensive, we will remove it, probably without warning.

seahawk.ecc.engr.uky.eduGeneral-use Linux workstation

Workstation for faculty, staff and students needing access to MATLAB, Maple, Tecplot, ANSYS, or other software. If you need access to the workstation, please email us at providing your default LinkBlue userid (not the alias)! We don't need your LinkBlue password.

Please send comments or suggestions to