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IR4TD believes in sustainable research that is motivated by the desire to improve conditions for humanity and to increase the fundamental understanding of the physical world in which we live. Both of these motivations can lead to great accomplishments via basic and applied research.

In this environment, IR4TD strives to promote win-win relationships with industrial partners, university and sponsored project collaborators. The win-win approach is built on mutual respect and the desire to improve both individual and society's conditions. The approach taken is to establish long-term relationships and partnerships where needs are assessed, understood and then addressed; these then become areas of opportunity for all involved and lead to:

  • Continuous improvement through Kaizen research;
  • New breakthroughs.

IR4TD also draws upon the expertise of faculty throughout the University and our international collaborators to deliver solutions for our partners by looking at processes holistically and to achieve optimal solutions without creating new Muda.

IR4TD recruits and hosts high profile and versatile researchers and students to perform and collaborate on research in the following areas:

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