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Chemical & Materials Engineering Seminars

All seminars take place on Wednesdays @ 11 am in 323 RMB

September 4

Elizabeth Duncan
University of Kentucky
Department of Biology
Hosted by: Brad Berron

Title: Chromatin Regulation and Regeneration: How Protein Modifications Drive Cellular Change

September 11

Fall 2019 CME All-Grad Meeting – No seminar

September 18

Sarah Watzman
University of Cincinnati
Mechanical and Materials Engineering
Hosted by: MACE students

Title: Thermomagnetic Transport in Topological Weyl Semimetals

September 25

Amy Peterson
University of Massachusetts Lowell
Plastics Engineering
Hosted by: Jon Pham

Title: Modeling and Informatics Approaches to Advance Material Extrusion Additive Manufacturing

October 2

Sarah Calve
Purdue University
Biomedical Engineering
Hosted by: Brad Berron

Title: Mapping the material properties of the extracellular matrix during development

October 9

Kevin Hemker
Johns Hopkins University
Mechanical Engineering
Hosted by: John Balk

Title: Development of Nanotwinned NiMoW Alloys for Use in Thin Films and Metal MEMS devices

October 16

Michael Titus
Purdue University
Materials Engineering
Hosted by: Paul Rottman

Title: Accelerated design of high temperature structural alloys

October 23

P. Scott Northrop
ExxonMobil Upstream Research
Hosted by: Tom Dziubla

Title: 2019 Outlook for Energy: A View to 2040

October 30

C. Allan Guymon
University of Iowa
Chemical and Biochemical Engineering
Hosted by: Tom Dziubla

Title: Controlled Micro- and Nanostructure through Photopolymerization

November 6

Niels Holten-Andersen
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Materials Science and Engineering
Hosted by: Jon Pham

Title: Engineering hydrogel viscoelastic mechanics via bio-inspired supramolecular metal-coordinate dynamics

November 13

AIChE Conference – No seminar

November 20

Tequila Harris
Georgia Institute of Technology
Mechanical Engineering
Hosted by: Isabel Escobar

Title: Scalable Manufacturing of Thin Films and Membranes from Solution: Enabling Pathways for Roll-to-Roll Processing of Simple and Complex Patterns

November 27

Thanksgiving break – No seminar

December 4

MRS Conference – No seminar

December 11

Noah Meeks
Southern Company Services
Hosted by: DB Bhattacharyya


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