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Undergraduate Innovations in Research Symposium - March 30-31, 2023

Are you a current undergraduate in STEM? Do you want to have an exciting career in research/innovation? Are you curious about opportunities in chemical engineering and materials engineering?


Starting Spring 2023, we are pleased to offer an annual undergraduate research symposium to anyone interested in learning more about chemical engineering, materials engineering, research, innovations, and higher education.

The goal of the symposium is to celebrate the successes during your educational career! We acknowledge that everyone has a different path through school and jobs and has achievements that can be celebrated. Participation in the symposium will also offer an opportunity to network with faculty, graduate students, and undergraduate students at the University of Kentucky. We will showcase opportunities and innovations taking place at the University of Kentucky, particularly in graduate education.

What is the symposium about?

The symposium is a free opportunity to get to know more about chemical and materials engineering and opportunities at the University of Kentucky. The symposium will take place March 30-31. The symposium will provide an opportunity to talk to alumni about jobs possible with a graduate degree in chemical engineering or materials engineering. Likewise, there will be opportunities to learn about innovations being discovered in the UK! Lastly, you will get to network and meet new individuals with similar interests in chemical and materials engineering.

What will you get out of this?

  • Resume prep and an extra achievement to include on the resume
  • Connect with other students who are navigating the same transition to graduate school or career
  • Practice technical communication skills
  • Show off your ideas and work
  • Network with STEM/Discovery-minded peers

What can you expect from us?

We are offering two tracks in the research symposium. Any attendee who wishes to present their research experience, job project, or class project as a poster will be considered for an all-expense paid trip to attend the symposium. If you don’t want to present, that is totally ok! You can still participate in the symposium and participate as an attendee at the poster session.

The application process:

Fill out an application form online by clicking the button below. The first deadline is February 24th, and we will accept others on a rolling admission basis. Make sure to indicate if you would like to present a poster (We are happy to provide a template and print the finished file)

Apply Today

The decision process:

All who apply will be invited to participate in the symposium

A select group of students will receive an expense-free trip based on their willingness to present and their application strength

Frequently Asked Questions

YES! This event is open to everyone currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree or who holds a bachelor’s degree in STEM.

The symposium starts at 11AM on March 30th and ends at 3PM on March 31st.

We are happy to provide letters confirming attendance to submit as excused absences at your local school.

No! We are happy to introduce you to UK via this experience.

No, this program is particularly target at earlier career scientists or those making a larger transition.