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The safety and well-being of our students, staff and faculty is critical. We aim to provide a supportive environment, where students can ask questions and challenge existing protocols and "how things are done".


The campus environmental health and safety offers a lot of training sessions relevant for different research settings. In addition, the department offers an in person training with our safety committee.

Safety Minutes

To promote a safety culture, the department safety committee presents a brief (1-2 slide) presentation during our department seminar series about different topic areas.

Safety Minutes

Learning Experience Reporting

As in science, the first step to making a world a better place is understanding the problems and challenges. Safety is no different, to ensure continuous improvement in our safety, we need to have open conversations with ZERO consequences about things which are working and what isn’t. Please use our anonymous survey here to report any issues, incidents or things you would like our committee to know.

Let Us Know

New Initiatives

Incident and Near-miss reporting  
In Summer 2022, we launched our anonymous learning experience reporting system.  

Weekly lab coat laundering process 
In Spring 2022, the department began our lab coat laundering program. Weekly students are able to drop off their coat to be washed and returned all clean.

Lab Coat Rental Program


Do you have a question or would like safety consultation by our committee?

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