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The Chemical and Materials Engineering Spring 2022 Seminar Series will take place each day listed at 11:00 am in RMB 323.

January 19

Nirupam Aich - U Buffalo
University of Buffalo
Civil, Structural and Environmental Engineering

Sustainable Materials for Advanced WateR Treatment (SMART) in the 2020s

January 26

Sheng Tong - UK BME
University of Kentucky
Biomedical Engineering

Magnetic Iron Oxide Nanoparticles – Drug Delivery and Beyond

February 9

Vincent J. Venditto - UK COP
University of Kentucky
Pharmaceutical Sciences

Antibiotics to heal a broken heart

February 16

Xingsheng Sun - UK ME
University of Kentucky
Mechanical Engineering

Long-Term Atomistic Simulations of Hydrogen Diffusion in Metallic Nanoparticles

March 9

Audie Key Thompson
University of Arkansas
Chemical Engineering


March 16

Struan Reid
Biofuels & Distilled Spirits

The Metabolic Pathways Behind Flavor Development and How

March 30

Aeriel Lennard
The Ohio State University
Materials Science and Engineering

Investigation of Porosity, Texture, and Deformation Behavior

April 6

Dong Xu - U Missouri
University of Missouri
Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Deep-learning inference of protein allosteric interaction

April 15

Idalis Villanueva Alarcón
University of Florida
Engineering Education

Seekers, bridgers, and agents: how individuals navigate the hidden curriculum of engineering