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Graduate Admissions

Thank you for your interest in pursuing a graduate degree in the Department of Chemical Engineering at the University of Kentucky.

Free 2-step Application Process

For the Fall 2025 application, we are pleased to offer a free two step application process to any students who are interested in joining our program.

Step 1 - Apply to our program

We will review applicants on a monthly basis starting December 15th.

Students who show great promise and exhibit our values will be encouraged to submit their full application and be provided with an application fee waiver. While this is not a promise of acceptance to the program, it represents that you are on a short list of students being considered for admission.

Step 2 - Apply to the graduate school

This is the final step to receive a formal, official offer. If we suggest some changes to your application after our department review, this is your chance to give us more details and an opportunity for a second look.

The two-stage application process allows us to support all students as they are applying for graduate programs. If you would like to have an answer quicker, you can apply to the graduate school immediately.

General suggestions, tips and strategies

What you need to collect:

  • Your latest resume or CV
    • Highlight your experiences.
    • Include your hobbies!
  • Your latest school transcript
    • At first application stage, an unofficial transcript is enough.
  • Letter of recommendations
    • Alert the individuals who will be your letter writers.

What you need to write:

One of the most informative and impactful parts of the application in the personal essay. This is the time we get to learn more about you. 

Consider this personal statement in two parts:

  • Talk about your past
    • Have you done internships/research opportunities?
    • What did you learn in your prior experiences? (think of both personal and professional skills)
    • Do you have fun hobbies?
    • Did you have any challenges you overcame during your degree ?
    • This is your opportunity to discuss more than can be found in your transcript, resume or CV.
  • Talk about your future
    • What do you imagine your PhD path to look like?
    • Why do you think we can help you achieve your goals?
    • Are there particular professors in our department whose work seem interesting?
    • Successful applications put your achievements in perspective. It lets us feel like we know you, your creativity, your passion, and fit with our program. So, define what does success look to you? What can we help you learn?