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Aerospace Sustainable Manufacturing Workshop (2015)

Sustainable Manufacturing for the Aerospace Industry: Product, Process and System Innovations for Next Generation Manufacturing

A Two-day Workshop Aimed at Transforming American Manufacturing

GE Aviation – Learning Center, Cincinnati, OH

October 20-21, 2015



Identify teams that are interested in on-going collaboration of topic and project outlined in the workshop.


Workshop documents:

PRISM Aerospace Manufacturing Workshop Agenda

1-page Roadmap Summary with 12 Key Imperatives

UK Sustainable Manufacturing Roadmap Summary Document

Aerospace Workshop Pre-Read Material - 1

Aerospace Workshop Pre-Read Material - 2

Aerospace Workshop Pre-Read Material - 3




Industrial Process Energy Benchmarking – David Madden

Sustainable Manufacturing - Is It Resilient – Dr. Joseph Fiksel

Celebrating 10 Years of Sustainability – Bryan Dods

Sustainable Manufacturing - A Business Perspective – Richard Neal


Breakout Sessions:

Tools Across the Life Cycle for Value Creation

Discussion Notes
Project Template

Supply Chain Risk Management

Discussion Notes
Project Template

End-of-Life Value Management

Discussion Notes and Project Template

Aerospace Workshop Participant list with contact info and breakouts


PRISM Contacts:

Charlie Smith – PRISM Project Manager, University of Kentucky (Charlesr.Smith@movepeak.com)‎

Dr. Todd Rockstroh, GE Aviation (todd.rockstroh@ge.com)