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Brazing, Soldering and Heat Exchangers Research Laboratory


Brazing, soldering and heat exchangers research laboratory is a part of the UK ISM, a unit of the University of Kentucky’s College of Engineering, and Department of Mechanical Engineering. Brazing Laboratory has received support from national and state agencies and science/engineering foundations, such as National Science Foundation, NASA, Department of Energy, Department of Defense, Kentucky Science and Engineering Foundation, as well as from industry. 

Laboratory performs fundamental and applied research for development of state-of-the art brazing technologies (such as controlled atmosphere brazing of aluminum, brazing of refractory materials, wetting and spreading of liquid metals). Industrial partners include: GE Aviation, Caterpillar, SAPA, Delphi, HARRIS-Lincoln Electric, Semicon Associates, KB Alloys, and many others. This program combines fundamental research and technological advances relevant for practical applications.

Dusan P. Sekulic

Current Projects

2016.11 - Present
Title: Brazing of Aluminum Alloys in Space
Sponsor: NASA, USA
Grant: NNX17AB52G
PI: D. P. Sekulic
US $597,439

2017.6 - Present
Title: Evaluation for Brazing Alloys
Sponsor: (Undisclosed Partner)
PI: D. P. Sekulic

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