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Advanced Manufacturing and Surface Engineering Laboratory


The Advanced Manufacturing and Surface Engineering research program (AMSE) at the University of Kentucky is primarily concerned with the development and modeling of advanced manufacturing processes, particularly machining and finishing operations. The overarching goal of the AMSE Lab is the development of industrially-viable, real-time processes models and tools that will enable the sustainable development of new products and improve US manufacturing competitiveness, as well as national security.

Through in-situ experimental observation using digital image correlation in ultra-high speed (~1 million frames/second) microscopy, the AMSE Lab is building computationally-efficient predictive, physics-based/machine-learning hybrid models. Such models can accurately capture the complex behaviors that characterize finishing operations, while enabling real-time industrial deployment. It is envisioned that through faster and more predictive process modeling, highly scalable manufacturing processes such as machining, polishing and grinding can be used to induce engineered surface and sub-surface properties, such as compressive residual stress profiles and micro/nano-textured surfaces.

Current research thrust of the AMSE Lab include:

  • In-situ characterization of machining and finishing processes
  • Computationally-efficient modeling of advanced manufacturing processes
  • Physics-based/Machine-learning hybrid modeling
  • Real-time quality (surface integrity) monitoring and control for machining and finishing
  • Development of advanced cutting edge microgeometries
  • Development of sustainable cooling/lubricating strategies
  • Development of novel machining strategies

For more information on AMSE research, please contact Dr. Schoop directly

Julius Schoop
Principal Investigator



Submitted and Currently Under Review

  • R. Silva, J. Schoop, A. Hassui and I. S. Jawahir “Machining induced Surface integrity of iron-nickel base bi-metal under dry and cryogenic conditions” International Journal of Machine Tools and Manufacture [Q1, IF = 5.076], under review (submitted December 2018)

  • X. Wang, J. Schoop, B. Zou, and I. S.  Jawahir “Tool-life and Surface Integrity in Face Turning of Inconel 718 Using Different Cooling Strategies" Journal of Cleaner Production [Q1, IF = 6.207], under review (submitted October 2018)

  • A. Uysal, J. R. Caudill, J. Schoop, and I.S. Jawahir “Minimizing carbon emissions and machining costs with improved human health in sustainable machining of austenitic stainless steel through multi-objective optimization” International Journal of Sustainable Manufacturing[Q2, IF = 1.000], in press (submitted January 2019)