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Student Organizations

Chemical Engineering (AIChE)

Each semester, many activities are scheduled by the American Institute of Chemical Engineers student chapter (AIChE). Activities include field trips to industries in Kentucky and adjoining states, intramural sports and participation in a wide range of community projects. Students attend the AIChE regional and national conventions and have received the highly-selective “Outstanding Student Chapter” Award. Our students have achieved a national reputation through their professional activities and have regularly earned individual and chapter awards for student research, scholarship and contributions to the profession. The department also sponsors Omega Chi Epsilon, a national honor society to recognize and promote high scholarship, original investigation and professional service.

International Society for Pharmaceutical Engineering (ISPE)

ISPE is an organization open to all students that focuses on connecting students to opportunities in industry, specifically in the pharmaceutical field. We hold chapter meetings once a month and often have academic or industrial speakers present to better describe how various aspects of engineering apply to pharmaceuticals. We organize plant tours to further student exposure and a symposium to allow students to present their research. We also work with Environmental Health and Safety on green initiatives around campus and have holiday parties to promote student interaction. The intent of ISPE is to provide students with exposure to another great opportunity available to chemical and material engineers. We are a part of the Great Lakes chapter of ISPE and our specific chapter LinkedIn page can be found at https://www.linkedin.com/company/uk-ispe/

Materials and Chemical Engineering Graduate Student Association (MACE)

Formerly: Chemical & Materials Engineering Graduate Student Association (CMEGSA)

MACE is a graduate student association that organizes social and professional events for the graduate students in both the Chemical and Materials Engineering programs. Some of the major events planned include department picnics where you can mix and interact with faculty, attendance at the yearly AICHE meeting, and a spring and fall symposium where research from across the department is presented with the intent of preparing students to present research of their own at conferences. Meetings take place monthly. Events and meeting dates can be found on our website. The purpose of MACE is to create a neighborly environment across research groups in the department and prepare graduates for their professional careers.