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Mission and Values

All activities conducted by the Chemical Engineering faculty and staff are focused on the achievement of our mission and vision statements, as follows:

Vision Statement of the Program

  • To be recognized both nationally and internationally for excellence in chemical engineering
  • To be of service to the citizens of the Commonwealth
  • To be the preferred choice of students seeking chemical engineering education, companies hiring chemical engineering graduates and organizations seeking engineering knowledge

Mission Statement of the Program

  • To provide education, research and service in a scholarly environment
  • To prepare our students for successful professional careers
  • To meet the needs of our constituents
  • To extend the body of knowledge
  • To improve the quality of life

Educational Objectives of the Chemical Engineering Undergraduate Program:

Graduates of the chemical engineering program at the University of Kentucky will:

  • Excel in their chosen career pathways, as practicing chemical engineers or through the pursuit of advanced technical or professional degrees.
  • Impact their profession through effective leadership that promotes diversity and inclusion, communication, teamwork, and creative solution strategies to address global and societal issues.
  • Apply their engineering training to contribute to health, safety, equity, and the environmental and economic well-being of their communities.
  • Be professionally responsible, ethical, and seek out continuing education, professional development and career advancement opportunities to positively impact society.