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The Chemical and Materials Engineering Fall Seminar Series will take place on Zoom and in 195 Law Building, 11:00 am. Please register by clicking the title of the seminar you plan to attend.



September 30

Jian Shi 
Innovations in Bioprocessing for Fuels and Bioproducts
University of Kentucky
Biosystems & Agriculture Engineering



October 7

Edward Wang
Augmented Artificial Intelligence for Smart Manufacturing
University of Kentucky
Institute for Sustainable Manufacturing



October 14

Hyun-Tae Hwang
Hydrogen Storage for PEM Fuel Cell Applications
University of Kentucky
Chemical Engineering



October 21

Fanny Chapelin 
19F Magnetic Resonance Imaging Platform to Qualify T Cell Therapy Biodistribution, Persistence, and Efficacy Against Cancer
University of Kentucky
Biomedical Engineering



October 28

Julie C. Liu 
Protein-Based Biomaterials for Stem Cell Differentiation and Surgical Adhesive Applications
Purdue University
Davidson School of Chemical Engineering



November 4

Martha Grady 
A Mechanical Engineer’s Approach to Biofilm-Forming Medical Device Infections
University of Kentucky
Mechanical and Biochemical Engineering



November 11

Chunqing Liu 
Membranes for Gas and Vapor Separations: Innovations and Challenges



November 25

Shakira R. Hobbs 
Method Development and Applications of Environmental Sustainability and Social Equality
University of Kentucky Civil Engineering