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The Chemical and Materials Engineering Spring 2022 Seminar Series will take place each day listed at 11:00 am in RMB 323.

January 19

Nirupam Aich - U Buffalo
University of Buffalo
Civil, Structural and Environmental Engineering

Sustainable Materials for Advanced WateR Treatment (SMART) in the 2020s

January 26

Sheng Tong - UK BME
University of Kentucky
Biomedical Engineering

Magnetic Iron Oxide Nanoparticles – Drug Delivery and Beyond

February 9

Vincent J. Venditto - UK COP
University of Kentucky
Pharmaceutical Sciences

Antibiotics to heal a broken heart

February 16

Xingsheng Sun - UK ME
University of Kentucky
Mechanical Engineering

Long-Term Atomistic Simulations of Hydrogen Diffusion in Metallic Nanoparticles

March 9

Audie Key Thompson
University of Arkansas
Chemical Engineering

Metal Nanoparticle Stability for Antifouling Membranes

March 30

Aeriel Lennard
The Ohio State University
Materials Science and Engineering

Investigation of Porosity, Texture, and Deformation Behavior

April 6

Dong Xu - U Missouri
University of Missouri
Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Deep-learning inference of protein allosteric interaction

April 15

Idalis Villanueva Alarcón
University of Florida
Engineering Education

Seekers, bridgers, and agents: how individuals navigate the hidden curriculum of engineering