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The Chemical and Materials Engineering Spring Seminar Series will take place on Zoom at 11 am EST. Please register by clicking the title of the seminar you plan to attend – if there is no title please return to this site at a later date.

February 10

Let Droplets Drop the Temperature: Fluid-Based Thermal Management
Patricia Weisensee 
Washington University in St. Louis
Mechanical Engineering & Materials Science

February 17

Plant-Inspired Soft Composites in Equilibrium
Shelby Hutchens 

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Materials Science and Engineering

February 24

Caring for Perovskite Solar Cells: From Fabrication to End-of-Life Care
Aron Huckaba

University of Kentucky
Department of Chemistry

March 3

Artificial Water Channels-Toward Biomimetic Membranes for Desalination
Mihail Barboiu 
University of Montpellier
Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry
Co-Sponsored by University of Kentucky Center for Membrane Science

March 10

MACE Traditions, Trivia and Treats
Gosia Chwatko
Contact: Francisco.leniz@uky.edu

March 17

MACE Traditions, Trivia and Treats
Nicolas Briot
Contact: Francisco.leniz@uky.edu

March 24

Engineering the Electrical Response of Suspensions of Conducting Particles
Jeffrey Richards

Northwestern University
Chemical & Biological Engineering

March 31

Photopolymerization in Regenerative Engineering: Connecting Structure, Chemistry, and Stiffness to Cell Fate and Function
Kristan Worthington

University of Iowa
Biomedical Engineering

April 7

Advanced Membrane Materials for Pervaporation Separations
Mary Laura Lind

Arizona State University
Chemical Engineering

April 14

Data Harmonization using Generative Adversarial Networks
Jin Chen 

University of Kentucky
Biomedical Informatics

April 21

Electron Work Function – An Indicative Parameter for Material Design
Dongyang Li 

University of Alberta
Chemical and Materials Engineering

April 28

Machine Learning-Driven Vaccine Design Against Highly Mutable Pathogens
Kayla Sprenger 

University of Colorado, Boulder
Chemical and Biological Engineering

May 12

MACE Traditions, Trivia and Treats
Rollie Mills
Contact: Francisco.leniz@uky.edu