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Scholarships and Financial Aid

College of Engineering: Freshman Scholarships are awarded on the basis of your high school grade point average, ACT or SAT mathematics scores, writing ability and leadership potential. The scholarship application gives a good overview of your development in those areas. To apply for a UK College of Engineering scholarship, carefully complete the application form. You may print the scholarship application from this site or obtain an application by contacting:

Mary-Michael Deskins

Scholarship Coordinator
College of Engineering
University of Kentucky
369 Ralph G. Anderson Building
Lexington, KY 40506
Phone: (859) 257-0569
Fax: (859) 257-5727

Civil Engineering: Students in the Department of Civil Engineering may apply and compete each year for over one hundred scholarship awards. Applications are due in mid-semester of the spring semester for the following academic year. Three different programs are available.

More information on the scholarships listed below are available on the College of Engineering Financial Aid Page.

Each year, the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet offers approximately 45 Transportation Scholarships to UK students who are also Kentucky residents. These provide each recipient with academic year stipends of $4,850 per semester ($9,700 for the academic year) for freshman and sophomore students and $5,250 per semester ($10,500 for the academic year) for junior and senior students. Opportunities for summer jobs are also available. These scholarships require the recipient to accept employment with the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet after graduation--one year for each year on the scholarship. Furthermore, students on the Transportation Scholarship are considered employees of the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet and thus their scholarships are subjected to the usual payroll taxes. Information and application forms are available from the student records secretary in the Department of Civil Engineering, director of student services in the College of Engineering or from the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet.  A selection team within the Civil Engineering department initially evaluates the applications and selects the recipients. The program is subsequently administered by the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet

Each year, the Civil Engineering Department Service Team awards approximately 90 Civil Engineering Scholarships. These annual scholarships range in value from $1,000 to $5,000, currently totaling around $90,000 per year. Primary support for these scholarships is from endowments and gifts received from alumni, consulting engineering and construction-related firms and individuals. Multiple scholarships are awarded annually from several of the accounts. Information and common application forms are available from the director of student services in the College of Engineering. This program is administered by the College of Engineering. Currently, the following scholarships are available:

  • The Allen Company Scholarship – Established by the Allen Company. It is an annual scholarship for a student in civil engineering. This scholarship requires a review by the Allen Company, which will recommend names to the department.
  • Bechtel Award in Engineering – Established by the Bechtel Foundation.  It is an annual award to an outstanding civil engineering student. Preference for the award is to a student pursuing certification in environmental engineering.
  • David K. Blythe Scholarship– Established in honor of David K. Blythe, BSCE ’40, MSCE ’48, former department chair and associate dean for continuing education. Strong academic performance shall be the first consideration in the selection and financial need may be considered when applicants are of equal academic merit.
  • Nicholas C. Boogher Scholarship – Established by Ruby Gault Boogher Duggan, Knoxville, Tennessee in memory of Mr. Boogher, 1936 civil engineering graduate. The fund supports sophomores, juniors and seniors majoring in civil engineering and is based on merit without regard to other resources that may be available to the students or their parents.
  • Bottoms Engineering and Service, Inc. Scholarship – Established by Bottoms Engineering and Service, Inc., Frankfort, Kentucky to support students from Central Kentucky within a 40-mile radius of Frankfort, Kentucky who are majoring in civil engineering.
  • James A. Caywood Memorial Scholarship – Established in memory of James A. Caywood, BSCE ’44. Given to a junior or senior enrolled in civil engineering that has maintained a 3.0 GPA. Preference is given to graduates of a Kentucky high school. Consideration will be given to students who have demonstrated strong leadership skills through active participation in civic and professional organizations. Students shall write a short narrative on why they have chosen civil engineering as a career.
  • CSX Scholarship – Established by the CSX Corporation. It is an annual scholarship in civil engineering.
  • William N. and Ocie M. Downey Scholarship – Established by the estate of William N. Downey, BSCE ’25.  Awarded to students in the College of Engineering based upon the aptitude and character of the student. No one person shall receive more than $1,000 per school year. Twenty to 30 are awarded annually.
  • Paul A. Faulkner Memorial Scholarship – Established in memory of Paul A. Faulkner, BSCE ’51, MSCE ’56. Given to students enrolled in civil engineering. Preference will be given to students majoring in construction engineering and management.
  • 2nd Lieutenant Jeffrey C. Graham Memorial Scholarship – Established in memory of 2nd Lieutenant Jeffrey C. Graham, BSCE ’03 who was killed during the Iraq War on February 19, 2004. Given to a student demonstrating academic excellence.
  • Donn E. Hancher – C. Michael Garver Scholarship – Established by Mike Garver, BSME ’60. Given to students who have demonstrated a need for financial aid and potential for academic success and are majoring in civil engineering with a preference given to students majoring in construction engineering who may not be eligible for merit-only scholarships or who may have a GPA lower than 3.0. Multiple scholarships are awarded each year.
  • Robert Smiley Harp Memorial Scholarship – Established in memory of Mr. Harp, BSCE ’28. The recipient shall be a civil engineering major.
  • Hazelet and Erdal Scholarship – Established by Hazelet and Erdal Consulting Engineers. Given to a junior and/or senior in the Department of Civil Engineering.
  • Buckner Hinkle, Sr. Scholarship – Established in honor and memory of Buckner Hinkle by Hinkle Contracting Corporation, Paris, Kentucky. Selection is based on academic achievement and financial need. Preference is given to students from Bourbon, Breathitt, Casey, Harrison, McCreary, Nicholas, Powell, Pulaski and Wolfe counties.
  • HMB Professional Engineers Scholarship – Established by HMB Professional Engineers, Frankfort, Kentucky, to provide financial support to junior-level civil engineering students from Franklin and its contiguous counties demonstrating academic excellence as well as good communication and interpersonal skills. This scholarship requires an interview by HMB Professional Engineers and also requires a summer internship with the company.
  • Honeycutt Scholarship – Established by Paul W. Honeycutt, Honeycutt Mechanical Contractors, Lexington, Kentucky. Awarded to students who demonstrate academic excellence. Restricted to students who graduated from Knott County Central High School from the Carr Creek area.
  • James Houchin Scholarship – Established in memory of James E. Houchin, BSCE ’61. Given to a civil engineering senior in good academic standing with financial need. Preference shall be given to Kentucky residents.
  • John B. Jones III Scholarship – Established in memory of John B. Jones III, BSCE ’63. This renewable $5,000 per year scholarship is given to a Kentucky resident who demonstrates financial need. Must have an interest in structural design or contracting.
  • Larry M. and Clara M. Judy Scholarship – Established by Larry Judy, BSCE ’61 with primary preference given to employees of Judy Construction Co., and/or their descendants or students from Harrison and adjacent counties.
  • Cy Layson Scholarship – Established in memory of Cyrus S. Layson, MSCE ’54. Given to a junior or senior civil engineering major in good academic standing that demonstrates financial need. Preference is given to a Kentucky resident.
  • Messer Construction – Donn E. Hancher Scholarship in Construction Engineering Management – Established by the UK BSCE alumni employed by Messer Construction in honor of Dr. Donn Hancher, Professor Emeritus and retired Terrell-McDowell Chair in Construction Management. Given to an upper-level civil engineering student interested in construction engineering and project management with a preference for an underrepresented awardee. More information on the Messer Construction Company can be found at www.messer.com
  • Richard C. Page, Jr. Scholarship – Established in memory of Richard C. Page, BSCE ’56.  Preference shall be given to students who have graduated from a Kentucky high school who demonstrate a need for financial assistance.
  • Ben T. and Diane B. Quinn Scholarship – Established by Ben T. and Diane B. Quinn of Glasgow, Kentucky. Awarded to a civil engineering student(s) selected by the scholarship selection committee.
  • Raymond Scholarship – Established by Anne Hart Raymond and the late Oliver H. (BSCE ’54) Raymond. Applicants must demonstrate academic achievement and financial need. Preference is given to Shelby County natives.
  • Carol Anderson Robertson & Kenneth N. Robertson Scholarship – This scholarship has been established through the generosity of Carol and Kenneth Robertson, BSCE ’58. Must be a resident of the state of Kentucky majoring in civil, chemical, or materials engineering and show need for financial assistance.
  • D. Joseph Sparks Scholarship – Established in memory of D. Joseph Sparks, BSCE ’58. Awarded to civil engineering majors studying construction management who demonstrate satisfactory academic progress and show the need for financial assistance.  Preference is given to Kentucky or Ohio residents.
  • William and Rita Trefz Scholarship – Established in memory of William Trefz, BSCE ’58 with preference given to students from Franklin and its contiguous counties demonstrating academic excellence as well as good communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Kentucky Section of ASCE provides two scholarships to junior, senior or first-year graduate students in the department. Scholarship criteria include upper 1/3 of your class, membership in the Student Chapter of ASCE and community or professional service.