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Blasting and Explosions Laboratories

Blasting and Explosions Lab

The Mining Department, through the University of Kentucky Explosives Research Team (UKERT), operates an underground and surface facilities to conduct instruction and research in explosives and explosions.

The facilities are located off-campus and hosted by a local aggregates company (Nally & Gibson) in Georgetown, KY. Instructors, students, and researchers carry on tests in the facility to provide first-hand experience in explosives' theory and practice and its effects on mining applications.

Underground and Surface explosion facility

A unique surface facility allows the setup of explosion tests using methane and coal dust on a real scale. The facility can replicate the recommended NIOSH pressure-time curves for underground coal mine explosions. In the facilities, underground mine components and devices (refuge chambers, communication devices, active barrier systems) are subject to methane and coal dust explosions.  The effects of explosions produced by high explosives are researched in the underground facility.

Follow the following link for more information about the blasting and explosions lab at UKY. http://ukert.engr.uky.edu/