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Lexington and Surrounding Area

The University of Kentucky is located in Lexington–a growing city with a population in excess of 225,000–in the heart of the renowned Bluegrass region: an area of gently rolling land of unexcelled beauty with more than 300 horse farms.

Known as the thoroughbred horse center of America, Lexington has one of the finest race tracks in the country: Keeneland Race Course. The world’s largest loose-leaf tobacco markets are located here. Many industries and corporate headquarters including Lexmark International, Toyota Motor Manufacturing USA, Inc., Ashland Inc.’s Valvoline Division, and approximately 40 coal corporations.

Lexington, only 80 miles south of Cincinnati on Interstate 75 and 83 miles east of Louisville on Interstate 64, is less than a one-day drive from all major metropolitan centers in the eastern and midwestern areas of the country.

Since the University of Kentucky is located in Lexington, its Department of Mining Engineering has the advantage of being located at the center of a leading coal-producing state. The benefits resulting from the dominance of its coal industry are seen further by its location midway between the Appalachian Coal Basin (Eastern Kentucky) and the Eastern Interior Coal Basin (Western Kentucky.) Among mining people, Lexington is humorously referred to as the world’s largest and finest coal camp.

The Lexington area is so rich in heritage that sightseeing is a major attraction, encompassing more than 200 years of living history. The presence of the University of Kentucky has enhanced the area, with a proliferation of functions ranging from the A. B. Chandler Medical Center to Rupp Arena, one of the world’s largest basketball arenas, with a seating capacity of 23,600 fans. Kentucky’s basketball prowess is a matter of permanent record and is highly visible in the national sports archives. Other significant features include Transylvania University, the oldest institution of higher education west of the Allegheny Mountains; Lexington Theological Seminary; Kentucky Episcopal Seminary; and Ashland Baptist College. Lexington has the largest Community Concert Association in the country, where renowned artists and speakers appear regularly. Of great interest are the Lexington Philharmonic Orchestra, a strong chamber music series, the Lexington Ballet, and Arts Place, Lexington is also a strong theater town, served by several regular companies and various touring groups.

The climate is moderate with cool plateau breezes, cool summer nights, and no prolonged periods of heat, cold, rain, wind or snow. Kentucky abounds in facilities that appeal to those who like the out-of-doors. Its outstanding system of State parks, together with the Daniel Boone National Forest, Red River Gorge area of the Daniel Boone National Forest, a favorite of backpackers and canoeists, is only 50 miles by expressway from Lexington. Kentucky has good canoeing and white water rivers, and is famous for its caves and natural bridges. The Bluegrass region is one of the best areas in the United States for biking as it has a vast network of paved country roads from which to choose.

The optimal blending of the old with the new, together with the history, location and resources available at the University of Kentucky, results in an ideal environment for the scholastic and professional development of the serious mining engineering student.