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Aerospace Engineering

Aerospace engineers are employed to design or build aircraft, spacecraft, satellites, missiles and supporting aerospace systems. Aerospace engineers are employed by industry, academia and government labs for manufacturing, analysis and design and research and development.

The University of Kentucky is proud to offer the only undergraduate degree in Aerospace Engineering in the state of Kentucky. New graduates are needed to meet industry demand in Kentucky, the Southeast region and the country. The Aerospace Engineering program is led by numerous faculty members with highly reputable research and expertise in a broad range of aerospace applications including controls, propulsion and hypersonics. 

Industries Looking for You 

  • Aviation
  • National defense
  • Government labs
  • Space and spacecraft
  • Manufacturing
  • Uncrewed aerial vehicles (drones)
Degree & Admission Requirements


Department Chair
Jesse Hoagg, Ph.D.
(859) 218-0641

Director of Undergraduate Studies
Michael Seigler, Ph.D.
(859) 218-0664

Academic Advisors

Thomas Suggs
(859) 218-0662

Michelle Mossey
(859) 218-0603

Jennifer Ellis
(859) 562-2238