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Undergraduate Research

Undergraduate research is a great way to expand your studies, gain valuable experience with state-of-the-art tools and techniques, engage with peers and faculty, and be part of a team working to solve real-world problems. As a student, you can even earn credit or be paid for doing undergraduate research! Undergraduate research can be done part-time during the Fall or Spring semester, or full-time over the summer.

Almost 50% of MSE students have research experience when they graduate!


How Do I set up an Undergraduate Research project?

  1. Think about the topics and issues that interest you.
  2. Visit the research webpages of faculty in MSE.
  3. Pick out a few faculty to follow-up with. Send them an email, or stop by their office. Tell them you are interested in Undergraduate Research opportunities.
  4. Once you and a research mentor have made a connection, complete the MSE UG Research Proposal form so we can keep track of all the exciting UG research ongoing in the MSE Program.

If you are struggling to find a connection, or would prefer to be introduced, send an email to the Director of Undergraduate Studies for some advice!