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Undergraduate Program

A bachelor of science degree in materials science and engineering (MSE) prepares students for impactful, financially rewarding careers in industry, challenging and dynamic futures as innovators or entrepreneurs and advanced graduate study in a range of fields.

The materials science and engineering program is:

  • Hands-on! Students have open-ended lab courses every year starting in their sophomore year.
  • Current and relevant! Every student completes a senior design project in partnership with industry, addressing a current problem proposed by our industry partners!
  • Personal! The MSE program is small enough that every faculty member will know your name, but large enough to offer a wide range of connections.

Want to participate in state-of-the-art research? Faculty in MSE love working with undergraduates in the lab! Learn more about Undergraduate Research in MSE

Nothing beats experience if you’re searching for precisely what you want to do, or if you’d like to spice up your resume. Eighty percent of MSE majors have industry experience by the time they graduate.

Our Courses and Curriculum

BSMSE students complete the UK College of Engineering First-Year Engineering Program, then embark on six semesters of coursework. Students begin with a broad introduction to field of Materials Engineering in their sophomore year, then begin diversifying their knowledge of different classes of materials during their junior year. As seniors students hone their knowledge of materials properties and complete a senior design project to solve a real-world problem brought to us by our industry partners.

For details of our curriculum and our official curriculum sheet, visit the UK Course Bulletin.

For a quick overview of our course plan, download our unofficial Course Map.

The undergraduate program in Materials Engineering is accredited by the Engineering Accreditation Commission of ABET.