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Master of Science in Electrical Engineering

The Master of Science program in electrical engineering includes two degree options:

  • Thesis option: Take 24 credits of core and elective classes, and carry out a Master’s thesis project, supported by a faculty advisor and thesis committee.
  • Non-thesis option: Take 30 credits of core and elective classes, plus a one-semester, three-credit project

The M.S. program typically takes two years as a full-time student.

Full information about the M.S. program can be found in the Graduate Bulletin and the ECE department Electrical and Computer Engineering Graduate Handbook

To learn more about the many research opportunities available in ECE, visit ECE Research or read about the backgrounds of our world-class faculty.

Research and teaching assistantships are available – just indicate your interest on your application form and you will be considered. Detailed information about application requirements and deadlines for the MS program in Electrical Engineering can be found at https://www.uky.edu/academics/masters-doctoral/electrical-engineering-graduate.

To apply, fill out an application online at The Graduate School’s page.

Contact us for more information.