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What is ECE?

Electrical and Computer Engineering impacts nearly every aspect of modern life. Look around and you’ll see ECE everywhere – we push the frontiers of innovation in areas such as communications, cybersecurity, renewable energy, wearable computing, health care technology, and entertainment.

In the past century, Electrical and Computer Engineering has dramatically transformed our world. Of the 20 Greatest Achievements of the 20th Century, more than half came about through advances in electronics and computing technology

So what do ECE’s do?


  • Build wireless networks and smartphones that enable global communication
  • Design hybrid engines and autonomous cars that make transportation efficient, greener, and safer
  • Create medical technology and devices that make people healthier and healthcare cheaper
  • Develop renewable energy systems and smart power grids that provide clean, sustainable energy to the world

Electrical Engineering encompasses technology that ranges from nano-size sensors to the nation-wide power grid system, and every imaginable electronic device or system.

Computer Engineering focuses on computing-specific hardware and software systems, including such areas as cybersecurity, the Internet of Things (IoT), embedded systems, and supercomputers.

Together, Electrical and Computer Engineers are impacting our world for the better through science and technology.

Grand Challenges

Looking forward to the Grand Challenges facing our society, Electrical and Computer Engineering is at the forefront of creating the solutions that will continue to change our world for the better.