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Institute for Sustainable Manufacturing

Sustainable Machining Research Laboratory

The Machining Research Program at the University of Kentucky is an interdisciplinary activity with active participation of several faculties with diverse manufacturing background from three engineering departments in the College of Engineering. A number of graduate students and postdoctoral researchers conduct research in a range of project areas in machining. Many of the current projects are externally funded. As part of the international cooperative research during the last few years, a number of overseas researchers have visited and worked with our research group on many project areas in machining. We are also actively involved in an international cooperative research work sponsored by the CIRP (The International Academy for Production Engineering) through its working groups. This includes CIRP's International Working Group on Modeling of Machining Operations and the Task Group on AI Application in Manufacturing Engineering.

Our vision is to become a leading research group that could provide a strong scientific foundation for the generation and application of new knowledge in machining processes.

The current machining research program is focused on two major thrust areas:
(a) Development of Predictive Models for Machining Operations
(b) Integrated Systems for Optimum Machining Performance

The first focus area closely looks at the chip formation process in practical operations such as turning, milling and drilling and is aimed at developing generic, yet robust "fundamental models" for individual machining performance measures such as cutting forces/power/torque, tool-wear/tool-life, surface roughness, chip-form/chip breakability, and part accuracy. On the basis of these fundamental models, using a "machining systems" approach, development of system-specific "applied models" is proposed to include the effects of machine tool, cutting tool, and workpiece material. The second focus area encompasses optimization of machining operations to provide optimum machining conditions, cutting tool selection, etc. A comprehensive machining performance-based optimization program has been recently developed for turning operations, and this work is currently being extended to milling and drilling operations.

While significant progress has been made on "new knowledge generation", a lot more needs to be done. A well-structured and coordinated effort with active participation from the industry is required to achieve meaningful results that are readily usable in industrial production and are of scientific value to the academia.

This website presents our research group with their expertise along with an overview of our research program including the list of sponsors along with one-page summaries of the current and most recent research projects undertaken, publications and patents produced with the copyrighted software programs developed, titles of recent research dissertations and the listing of equipment available for experimental work in our research laboratories.

Director: Dr. I. S. Jawahir

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