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Graduate Program

A graduate degree in materials science and engineering (MSE) positions top students for impactful and challenging careers at the forefront of research and development in industry or academia.

Application to all graduate programs in MSE takes place through the UK Graduate School


Ph.D. in Materials Science and Engineering

The Ph.D. in MSE is an intensive, hands-on research apprenticeship. Students complete 36 credit hours of advanced coursework (up to 12 credit hours can be waived for students with prior M.S. degrees), and thesis research focused on advancing their research area.

An overwhelming majority of students who earn an engineering Ph.D. go on to lucrative, impactful careers in industry; however, a Ph.D. in MSE also opens a host of opportunities in research and development in academia, national labs and private research labs.

All students admitted to the MSE Ph. D. program receive full funding (stipend plus tuition) for up to five years.

Application fee waivers are available to US citizens and permanent residents with strong academic records! Contact the Director of Graduate Studies to receive a waiver!

For more information, contact the Director of Graduate Studies.

To apply, visit the UK Graduate School.


Master’s Degree in Materials Science and Engineering

An MS degree in MSE enhances and extends a student’s undergraduate training, positioning them for competitive and impactful jobs in a range of exciting fields. Admission to the MS in MSE program requires a minimum combined (Quant plus something) score of 300 or more on the GRE. Offers of admission are made based on a comprehensive review of each applicant’s record.

“Plan A” MS students complete 24 credit hours of graduate coursework, plus conduct thesis research leading to the preparation and defense of a dissertation. MS students work directly with faculty on cutting-edge research with direct application to real-world problems.

Admission to the Plan A MS program is competitive. To begin the process, students should apply to the MS in MSE program through the UK Graduate School. Prospective students interested in the Plan A program must indicate so in their personal statement and include a clear description of their research interests.

“Plan B” MS students complete 30 credit hours of graduate coursework, as well as a comprehensive final exam.

The Plan B MS program is ideal for continuing education students aiming to improve skills and job prospects. Prospective students should apply through the UK Graduate School.

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