fbpx FEEDER | University of Kentucky College of Engineering


FEEDER – Foundations for Engineering Education for Distributed Energy Resources:

  • Consortium of 8 universities, including University of Kentucky (UK), 2 national laboratories, 8 utilities and 11 industrial companies
  • Objectives are to accelerate the deployment of distributed power systems technologies through innovative research, cross-institutional highly-collaborative education of the current and future workforce, partnering with public and private entities in energy systems and smart grid, and leveraging well-designed and complementary research, development, test, analysis, and evaluation

FEEDER Courses developed and taught at UK include:

  • Global Energy Issues – Drs. Larry Holloway, Bruce Walcott, and Dan M. Ionel
  • Solar Power – Drs. Vijay Singh and Don Colliver
  • Smart Grid: Automation and Control of Power Systems – Dr. Yuan Liao

Example of current national initiatives:

  • Cyber-security of energy infrastructure
  • In August 2016, the Department of Energy announced awards to 12 projects of $34 million to enhance the reliability and resilience of the nation’s energy critical infrastructure and to demonstrate cyber-security solutions.