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Advising for Undergraduate CS Students

Priority registration advising instructions for CS sophomores, juniors and seniors ONLY

(CS Freshmen are to meet/contact their College advisors, 3rd-floor FPAT, for more information.) Students currently on Co-op, e-mail Kathy for advising (Kathy@cs.uky.edu). 

Spring 2020 Priority Registration windows open:
November 6-7 for Honors, Athletes, ROTC, and Students with Disabilities
November 8-11 for Seniors
November 12-13 for Juniors
November 14-15 for Sophomores

(Verify your exact registration window on your myUK “Plan and Register” tab.)

Follow these five steps to make the advising process more productive: 

1) SCHEDULE AN APPOINTMENT (NO DROP-IN MEETINGS) with your advisor.  Appointments will be available September 30 - November 14. 

All CS students will use the online appointment scheduler on myUK to set an appointment with their assigned academic advisor. This system works best with FireFox and Chrome browsers. Appointments are available in 30-minute increments.  A typical advising appointment will last 20 minutes.  Appointments must be made and/or canceled 24 hours or more in advance. 

To schedule an appointment, use the instructions below.

  1. Log on to myUK
  2. Click on the myInfo tab
  3. Click on the link at left that says "My Appointments"
  4. Select College of Engineering
  5. Click on Priority Registration 30.
  6. Select appointment date and then double click on the appointment time you desire.
  7. Then click on "Create Appointment."
    You should see a confirmation that your appointment has been scheduled. You will receive an email on your UK email account confirming your appointment.
  8. Click on "Close Appointment" and log off.
  9. You will receive a second email reminder 72 hours in advance of your scheduled appointment. Should you need to cancel or reschedule, log on to myUK and re-enter the appointment scheduler to make your changes.

Advisor availability is limited, so if you wait to schedule your appointment – or if you miss your appointment – you may delay your registration until the Add/Drop window (November 22 - January 9 and January 10-22).  

2) PLAN COURSES: Prior to your advising appointment, please log into your myUK GPS Planner and plan courses for the Spring 2020 semesters AND Summer/Fall 2020 semester. Pre-planning your courses is required by UK and the College of Engineering. To learn how to use the myUK GPS Planner to plan courses, visit www.uky.edu/registrar/sites/www.uky.edu.registrar/files/reginstructions_0.pdf

 If you fail to plan for these two semesters you will be asked to reschedule your advising appointment due to your lack of preparation. This could result in a delay of your course registration as appointments fill rapidly.

Helpful Tips:

Learn what courses can count for the Computer Science Elective requirement and Technical Elective requirement here.

CS Major Requirements sheets and course descriptions for most Computer Science classes are available here.

3a) MEET with a FACULTY ADVISOR:   Computer Science majors are required to meet with an assigned Faculty Advisor once an academic year.  If you did not meet with your Faculty Advisor (Faculty Mentor) during the Fall 2019 semester, you need to do that in the Spring 2020 semester by February 28th.  Without a signed form on file, the lifting of your advising hold will be delayed for Summer/Fall 2020 priority registration advising.  If you are on co-op or new to the Computer Science major, then you will meet with a Faculty Advisor in the 2020-2021 academic year.  Should you have any questions about the status of your Faculty Advisor form, please contact your Academic Advisor. Faculty office hours are available in the CS Department's main office and via email. Faculty advisor assignments will be available soon.

3b) MEET with ACADEMIC ADVISOR (Kathy Ice-Wedding or Jennifer Doerge): Computer Science majors are required to meet with their assigned Academic Advisor once per each advising season.  Therefore, you will meet with your assigned academic advisor prior to opening of your priority registration window.

4)  Check myUK for any HOLDS on your record (i.e. HAVEN, C.A.T.S., unpaid parking tickets, library fines, admissions, any unpaid UK bill, etc.) and address them.  An “advisor hold” is normal; this will be lifted after you have met with your academic advisor.  You will not be able to register until all holds are cleared. 

5) Keep your appointment.   Please be courteous of everyone’s time – the myAppointment system allows for cancellations 24 hrs in advance and/or email the advisor of your circumstances for last-minute cancellations.  If you are late for your appointment, please understand you may need to reschedule.

We are looking forward to meeting with you and the opportunity to assist with your preparation for your next successful semester in Computer Science!