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Civil Engineering Optional Concentration

The Department of Civil Engineering awards the bachelor of science in civil engineering. This is the only designation that will appear on the student’s official transcript and diploma; however, the elective courses in the undergraduate curriculum enable each student to gain increased depth in a specialty area of interest. Each student, working with their advisor, is urged to choose the electives that best satisfy his or her individual requirements.

In the descriptive material that follows, the listed technical and supportive electives are recommendations and are not requirements.

F = Fall; Sp = Spring; Sum =Summer

Construction Engineering and Project Management EM 313 MA 322 CE 482 (F, Sp & Sum) CE 508 (F), CE 579 (Sp) CE 509(F) CE 507 (F)
Environmental/ Water Quality Engineering ME 220 CHE 236 CE 482 (F, Sp & Sum) CE 551 (Sp), CE 549 (Sp) CE 555 (F) Environmental engineering certificate course
Geotechnical Engineering EM 313 MNG 551 CE 486G (F, Sp) CE 579 (Sp), CE 589 (Sp) CE 487G (F) CE 534 (F)
Hydraulic Engineering ME 220 MA 321, MA322, MAT 432G, or EM 313 CE 486G (F, Sp) CE 549 (Sp), CE 551 (Sp) CE 541(F) another course from Math or Science Elective recommendations
Structural Engineering EM 313 MA 321, MA 322 or ME 220 CE 486G (F, Sp) CE 579 (Sp), CE 589 (Sp) CE 487G (F) CE 584 (F), CE 586 (Sp), ME 501, ME 513, or ME 532
Surveying EM 313 GEO 409G CE 482 (F, Sp, Sum) Any two acceptable technical design elective CE 517 (Sp) GEO 305, 415 or 420G
Transportation Engineering EM 313 GEO 409G CE 482 (F, Sp, Sum) CE 531 or CE 533, CE 534 CE 433, CE 581, CE 539 or other design electives GEO 285 or GEO 305
Water Resources Engineering ME 220 MA 321 or MA 416G CE 486G (F, Sp) CE 549 (Sp), CE 551 (Sp) CE 542 (Sp) or CE 547 (F) CE 568 (F) or CE 541 (F)