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Why Civil Engineering?

Often considered the oldest practitioners within engineering, civil engineers have been around since the first cities were built by humans thousands of years ago. However, it wasn't until the 18th century when the development of the modern civil engineering profession led directly to many conveniences we enjoy every day.

Civil engineering is part of our daily lives. From the water in your faucets every morning, to the roads and bridges that you use for transportation, to the energy distribution systems that power your home, civil engineers help make modern life possible.

Civil engineering is a people-serving profession. Thanks to the development of technologies like clean water treatment plants, civil engineers have helped improve the quality of life around the world. From tunnels under the Earth’s surface to skyscrapers standing far above it, civil engineers plan, design, construct, operate, maintain and rehabilitate the infrastructure of the world.

Why Civil Engineering at UK?

Civil engineering students enrolled at the University of Kentucky enjoy the benefits of studying at the Commonwealth’s flagship research institution. We offer an energetic and experienced faculty committed to each individual student’s educational and professional success. As a civil engineering student, you can experience an environment where faculty are readily accessible and you have the chance to grow through hands-on research, cooperative education and service opportunities.

Our students also benefit from the Kentucky Transportation Center (KTC), which supports Civil Engineering graduate and undergraduate students by providing numerous transportation research opportunities. Emphasizing multidisciplinary research, the Center helps students and young professionals develop a broad set of skills that will benefit them as they enter the workforce or pursue graduate studies. KTC shares office and laboratory space with the Department of Civil Engineering, and many professors collaborate with KTC on research projects that deliver transportation solutions. The Transportation Education Program Manager is Dr. Reginald Souleyrette.