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Graduate Publication Scholarship Recipients

Year Recipient Citations Award Amount
2017 Alexandria (Alex) Jensen Jensen, A., W. Ford, J. Fox, and A. Husic. 2017. Improving in-stream nutrient routines in water quality models using stable isotope tracers: a review and synthesis. Transactions of the ASABE. In Press. $500
2017 Enshi Liu Liu, E., L. Das, B. Zhao, M. Crocker, and J. Shi. 2017. Impact of dilute sulfuric acid, ammonium hydroxide, and ionic liquid pretreatments on the fractionation and characterization of engineered switchgrass. Bioenergy Research. In Press. $500
2017 Ali Hamidisephr Hamidisephr, A., M.P. Sama, A.P. Turner, and O.O. Wendroth. 2017. A method for reflectance index wavelength selection from moisture controlled soil and crop residue samples. Transactions of the ASABE 60(5): 1479-1487. $500
2017 Aaron Turner Turner, A.P., J.J. Jackson, N.K. Koeninger, S.G. McNeill, M.D. Montross, M.E. Casada, J.M. Boac, R. Bhadra, R.G. Maghirang, and S.A. Thompson. 2017. Stored grain volume measurement using a low density point cloud. Applied Engineering in Agriculture 33(1): 105-112. $250
2017 Manjot Singh Singh, M. and A.A. Adedeji. 2017. Characterization of hydrothermal and acid modified proso millet starch. LWT - Food Science and Technology 79: 21-26. $500
2017 Hasan Seyyedhasan Seyyedhasani, H. and J.S. Dvorak. 2017. Using the vehicle routing problem to reduce field completion times with multiple machines. Computers and Electronics in Agriculture 134: 142-150. $250
2017 William Sympson Sympson, W., S.E. Nokes, and A.N. Hickman. 2017. Recirculating calcium hydroxide solution: A practical choice for on-farm high solids lignocellulose pretreatment. Industrial Crops and Products 97: 492-497. $500

Somsubhra Chattopadhyay

Chattopadhyay, S., D. Edwards, and Y. Yu. 2016. Comtemporary and future characteristics of precipitation indices in the Kentucky River Basin. Water 9(2): 109-129. $250
2016 Joseph Rounsaville Rounsaville, J., J. Dvorak, and T. Stombaugh. 2016. Methods for calculating relative cross-track error for ASABE/ISO Standard 12188-2 from Discrete Measurements. Transactions of the ASABE 59(6): 1609-1616. $500
2016 Hasan Seyyedhasan Seyyedhasani, H., J.S. Dvorak, M.P. Sama, and T.S. Stombaugh. 2016. Mobile device-based location services accuracy. Applied Engineering in Agriculture 32(5): 1-9. $500
2016 Aaron Turner Turner, A.P., M.D. Montross, J.J. Jackson, S.G. McNeill, M.E. Casada, J.M. Boac, R. Bhadra, R.G. Maghirang, and S.A. Thompson. 2016. Error analysis of stored grain inventory determination. Transactions of the ASABE 59(3): 1061-1072. $500
2016 Aaron Turner Turner, A.P., M.D. Montross, S.G. McNeill, M.P. Sama, M.E. Casada, J.M. Boac, R. Bhadra, R.G. Maghirang, and S.A. Thompson. 2016. Modeling the compressibility behavior of hard red wheat varieties. Transactions of the ASABE 59(3): 1029-1038. $250
2016 Amanda Hickman Hickman, A.N., S.E. Nokes, W.S. Sympson, M.J. Ruwaya, M. Montross, and B.L. Knuston. 2016. The confounding effects of particle size and substrate bulk density on Phanerochaete chrysosporium pretreatment of Panicum virgatum. Bioresources 11(3): 7500-7511. $500
2016 Josh Jackson Jackson, J., A. Turner, T. Mark, and M. Montross. 2016. Densification of biomass using a pilot scale flat ring roller pellet mill. Fuel Processing Technology 148: 43-49. $500

Somsubhra Chattopadhyay

Chattopadhyay, S. and D. Edwards. 2015. Long-term trend analysis of precipitation and air temperature for Kentucky, United States. Climate 4(1): 10. $500
2015 Jonathan Villines Villines, J.A., C.T. Agouridis, R.C. Warner, and C.D. Barton. 2015. Using GIS to delineate headwater stream origins in the Appalachian Coalfields of Kentucky. Journal of the American Water Resources Association 51(6): 1667-1687. $500
2014 Donnie Stamper Stamper, D.J., C.T. Agouridis, D. Edwards, M.A. Purschwitz, 2014. Effect of Soil Sampling Density and LandscapeFeatures on Soil Test Phosphorus. American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers Vol. 30(5): 773-781 $500
2014 Gabriela Morello Morello, G. 2014. Using the fan assessment numeration system (FANS) in situ: a procedure for minimizing errors during FANS tests. Transactions of the ASABE 57(1): 199-209. $500
2013 Travis Maupin Mapuin, T.P., C.T. Agouridis, C.D. Barton, and R.C. Warner. 2013. Specific conductivity sensor performance: I. Laboratory evaluation. International Journal of Mining, Reclamation and Environment 27(5): 329344. $500
2013 Travis Maupin Maupin, T.P., C.T. Agouridis, D.R. Edwards, C.D. Barton, R.C. Warner, and M.P. Sama. 2013. Specific conductivity sensor performance. II. Field evaluation. International Journal of Mining, Reclamation and Environment 27(5): 345-365. $250
2013 Michael Sama Sama, M. 2013. A hardware method for time-stamping asynchronous serial data streams relative to GNSS time. Computing and Electronics in Agriculture 97: 56-60. $500
2012 Alicia Modenbach Modenbach, A. and S. Nokes. 2012. The use of high-solids loading in biomass pretreatment - a review. Biotechnology and Bioengineering 109(6): 1430-1442. $500
2011 Ruth Brockman Agouridis, C. R. Brockman, S. Workman, L. Ormsbee, and A. Fogle. 2011. Bankfull hydraulic geometry relationships for the Inner and Outer Bluegrass regions of Kentucky. Water 3: 923-948. $500