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BAE Graduate League of Students

Welcome to BAEGLS

BAEGLS is the acronym for the Department of Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering Graduate League of Students, an organization that supports the academic and professional success of graduate students. All graduate student are members of BAEGLS during their enrollment in the department. 

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Twitter @Ubaegls

Mission Statement 

The Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering League of Graduate Students (BAEGLS) has the mission of promoting graduate student cohesion, comradery, achievements, and advocacy for graduate student success and welfare. We accomplish our mission through virtual and in-person (after COVID) events, meetings, and activities. 


  1. To provide graduate students with resources and information that enable them to thrive in the department. 

  2. To improve professional and personal relationships between graduate students from different research backgrounds. 

  3. To serve as advocate and representative of graduate students in matters that affect graduate students in the department. 

  4. To work with faculty and staff to ensure that the needs of graduate students in the department are met.  

2021-2022 Officers

President: Gary Lopez

Vice President: Toby Adjuik

Secretary: Katie Emmett

Treasurer: Suvro Talukdar

Social Media Administrator: Emily Nottingham

Graduate Student Council Representative: Prashanta Pokharel

members of the leadership team of BAEGLS

2019-2021 Officers

President: Gabriel Abdulai

Vice President: Toby Adjuik

Secretary: Gina DeGraves

Treasurer: Bo Smith

Member at Large: Drew McGill

Graduate Student Council Representative: Gary Lopez

members of the leadership team of BAEGLS