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Grain Calculators

Grain Drying and Storage


This spreadsheet allows you to quickly check the capacity of bushels in grain bins, flat storage, outdoor pile, or bags.

Download storage capacity spreadsheet

Shrink factors

Grain is harvested at a wide range of moisture contents. The quantity of grain sold is on a market moisture content. The following spreadsheet allows you to evaluate the shrink factor for various grains at a wide range of moisture contents.

Download shrink factor spreadsheet

Grain Hauling

A number of factors influence the decision on where to sell your grain. Based on fuel cost, truck capacity, labor and waiting time at two buying locations, the cost to haul the grain can be estimated.

Download grain hauling spreadsheet

Fuel Cost Comparison for Drying Grain

Large fluctuations in the cost of LP and natural gas have caused many producers to question the ideal fuel for drying grain.

Download LP vs natural gas spreadsheet

Cost of Drying Wet Corn versus Field Drying

The decision when to begin corn harvest is a function of the grain price, drying cost, and potential in-field losses due to delayed harvest.

Harvest loss vs heated air drying

Costs of Drying Wheat and Delayed Planting of Double Crop Soybeans

When you begin the harvest of wheat will influence the cost of wheat production and the potential yield of double crop soybeans.

Download timely soybean planting pdf

Download wheat drying vs DC bean calculator

Equilibrium Moisture Content

The two largest factors in determining the storability of grain are moisture content and temperature.

Download equilibrium moisture content for grain pdf

Seed Cost Comparison

How much will a bag of seed plant will cost, based on germination, desired plant population, and seed weight.

Download seed cost calculator (pdf)

Download seed cost calculator (xlsx)