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Energy Calculators

Energy Efficiency Tools

Tools provided by the NRCS designed to help reduce energy cost or employ renewable energy resources. Tools cover operations from grain drying to livestock to biomass and many others.

The NRCS has developed several energy tools to help farmers understand where they are using energy and where they might be able to cut back on that energy usage. Specific tools cover Animal Housing, Irrigation, Nitrogen, and Tillage.

Poultry Houses

Thinking about changing out those incandescants to dimmable CFL's? Use the Poultry Light Savings Worksheet to estimate savings.

Farm Shops

Adding insulation to buildings is one of the most beneficial energy savings techniques. The farm shop insulation savings calculator helps you estimate the energy savings you can expect by adding insulation, giving you better insight into how much that project might actually pay back.


Virtual Grower is a decision support tool from the USDA-ARS designed to help producers evaluate greenhouse building design, upgrades, and heating schedules. (Download required.)