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Capstone Design Opportunities

The College of Engineering offers two opportunities for students to receive support for their capstone design project:

Medical Device Design for Space or Extreme Environments

 The skills that students will gain from this project include teamwork, imagination, pragmatism and a willingness to step outside of their comfort zone.

While instructors can suggest ideas, students should play an active role in writing the proposal. The environment in which the medical device shall be used should be described and the user and beneficiary of the device function within that environment should be defined. The proposal should compare and contrast how and why an existing medical device may not function as needed in the defined environment, and the constraints or special requirements within that environment that are cause for this new or modified medical device design. Learn more here.

Reese Terry Engineering Capstone Design Support for Medical and Health Applications

Alumnus Reese Terry is providing support for engineering capstone design projects that focus on medical and health issues. The award is available to students in any major who are working on their capstone design projects. Projects that partner with faculty members in the UK College of Medicine, Pharmacy or the Department of Biomedical Engineering are strongly encouraged. Partnerships with industry are also encouraged. Learn more here.