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Industrial Partner Association Prospectus


To Partners:

  • Recruiting: Access to computer science students at exclusive IPA events and “interview days”
  • Visibility: Prominent mention on CS web pages and at IPA sponsored events
  • Presentations: Presentations at colloquia and seminar series events
  • Exploratory Projects: Opportunity to propose projects for CS 499 Senior Design
  • Faculty Expertise: Opportunity to interact with CS faculty
  • Research: Collaborative research projects and access to research results

To the UK Computer Science Department:

  • Resources:  Resources to grow and enhance department programs for students
  • Student Placement: Direct access to co-ops, internships and jobs at companies
  • Scholarships: Financial support, particularly for under-represented groups
  • Industrial Support: Participation in departmental enrichment events, such as
    • Student activities (programming contest, hackathon, etc.)
    • Professional development events (e.g., resume/interview prep)
    • Guest speakers from industry
    • Enhancement of student spaces
  • Real-World Experience: Increased awareness of the needs/practices of industry


IPA Members support the department through annual contributions. Individuals may participate for $500/year, companies for $4,000/year. Contributions received for IPA membership go into a separate fund, to be used for the purposes described above. Members will receive an annual report describing IPA activities and outcomes. To join, or to request additional information, please contact Kevin Eby at kevin.eby@uky.edu.