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Alpha Epsilon

Current Officers

President: Somsubhra Chattopadhyay
Vice-President: Manjot Singh
Secretary: Enshi Liu
Treasurer: Katie Wolf

2016 Alpha Epsilon officers

“Alpha Epsilon is an honor society for outstanding agricultural, biological and food engineers. The objectives of the honor society are to promote the high ideals of the engineering profession, to give recognition to those agricultural, biological and food engineers who manifest worthy qualities of character, scholarship and professional attainment, and to encourage and support such improvements in the agricultural, biological and food engineering profession that make it an instrument of greater service to mankind.

Memberships in Alpha Epsilon consist of three classes: honorary, active and alumni. Honorary members are selected on the basis of successful achievement in biological and agricultural engineering. Active members are chosen only from students registered in the upper portion of their engineering class, and who exhibit outstanding qualities of character, leadership and personality. Graduate members may be chosen from outstanding graduate students in agricultural, biological and food engineering.”

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