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Benjamin Blandford, Ph.D.

  • Kentucky Transportation Center

Research Scientist




Ben Blandford is a senior research scientist at the Kentucky Transportation Center, where he has worked since 2006. Dr. Blandford’s research centers on transportation and planning, with specific interests in environmental planning, traffic safety, GIS-science, modeling, and geovisualization. Dr. Blandford specializes in the development of GIS-based transportation routing models, which he has successfully designed and implemented for a variety of projects, including snow and ice treatment route optimization in Kentucky, multimodal energy transportation route modeling in the U.S., and ecological modeling of endangered species habitat suitability.  Dr. Blandford’s ongoing research includes a multi-year vulnerability assessment of Kentucky’s transportation assets to natural hazards and extreme weather events.  Other research interests include public transportation, energy transportation, public involvement, and transportation and society. Dr. Blandford holds a PhD in Geography, which he completed at the University of Kentucky in 2015.