On behalf of everyone at the University of Kentucky College of Engineering, I want to thank you for visiting our website. I am confident you will find the information you need and, along the way, discover what sets us apart from other universities.

The UK College of Engineering has been meeting our world’s demand for well-trained engineers for nearly 150 years. While we are understandably proud of our heritage, we invite you to explore the aspects of our college that have us energized about the future.

  • A world-class faculty. Our renowned researchers and educators are pioneering engineering solutions to our world’s most pressing problems in the areas of energy, sustainability, biotechnology, security, aerospace and others. Collectively, their work has led to over 20 prestigious National Science Foundation CAREER Awards.
  • A sought-after alumni base. The College of Engineering has released over 22,000 engineers into the workforce, many of whom have influenced our quality of living by developing new products, processes and technologies. Our graduates are in demand and positively impacting their respective industries.

We hope your visit to our website will encourage you to visit our beautiful campus. We are always happy to introduce others to the good things going on in the UK College of Engineering.


John Y. Walz, Dean