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Introduction to Standardized Work

You can’t improve anything until you can measure it,

and you can’t measure it until it is standardized

Learn the origin, philosophy and practical application of Standardized Work which is critical to transformation and to building your True Lean™ System. Understand how to apply it to daily management in every area and function.

Designed for:

Leadership at all levels


Knowledge you will gain

  1. The value of Standardized Work as it compares to traditional SOP or work standards
  2. Fundamentals of Standardized Work – Practical application elements to achieve sustainability, includes preconditions
  3. Standardized Work Tools --  the function and purpose of each tool
  4. How to utilize Standardized Work to improve the daily management of safety, quality, & productivity
  5. How to develop a “needs based” roll-out or change-management strategy


Interactive with Gap Analysis “Takeaway”

  • Interactive session with experiential learning activities
  • Upon completion, participants will be able to not only describe the philosophy, principles, and practice, but also to determine their needs-based next steps
  • Develop a Go Forward (change management) strategy on day three for each participant’s implementation success


Coaching Available

  • Coaching for Individuals & Teams during implementation


Location & Length:

  1. On-campus (2.5 days)
  2. Dedicated location (site of your choice)

Fees: $2,500 per on-campus participant (for information on fees for dedicated session, contact Sandra Dunn)