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People Side of True Lean™

This is The Cultural DNA Piece of True Lean™. 

True Lean™ cannot be sustained without it!

Sessions and coaching are based upon our team’s Toyota experience as well as their experience partnering with other organizations’ transformations.

Designed for:

Enterprise Leadership & Lean Transformation leaders, then cascaded through organization leadership at all levels


Knowledge you will gain

  1. Critical Principles, People-Strategies, & Leadership Behaviors necessary to Achieve Mutual Trust with Team Members 
  2. Setting & Managing Uniform Expectations for Performance & Behaviors 
  3. Deploying Lean Throughout Employee Lifecycle (Recruiting, On-boarding, Performance Management, OD, Succession Planning)
  4. Recognition & Rewards to Reinforce True Lean™ Performance and Behaviors
  5. Open Two-Way Communications (Standards, Tools, Messages, Messengers)


Interactive with Gap Analysis “Takeaway”

  • This interactive session includes exercises and open discussions 
  • Each topic ends with a reflection discussion to identify your strengths and gaps.
  • Upon completion, participants will be able to not only describe the People Side philosophy, principles, and practices, but also to determine their next steps
  • Onsite: Half-day of dedicated session spent reviewing identified gaps, and beginning countermeasure “next steps” strategy


Coaching Available

  • Executive Coaching for Individuals
  • Ongoing needs-based coaching on People Side elements offered for organizations where one or more leaders had participated in the full People Side of Lean course which includes the gap analysis


Location & Length:

  1. Your location (2.5 days & coaching)
    • Two-day session with participant group gap discussions, followed by
    • Half-day session to review gaps identified, and to develop countermeasure strategy
    • Ongoing needs-based coaching on People Side strategy elements is available
  2. On campus (2.0 days & coaching)
    • $2500 per person
    • Two-day session with time for individual gap reflection
    • Ongoing needs-based coaching on People Side elements is available

Fees: Contact Sandra Dunn

Dates: New Dates to Be Announced Spring 2023