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Onsite Gap Assessment

Onsite activity where True Lean™ practicioners assess current condition and review existing lean plans & activities. We then partner with your organization’s leadership to develop a Master Plan for you to develop your System – to begin, or to continue on, your True Lean™ journey.


  1. Pre-work & discussions to ensure onsite activities are efficient and not disruptive to operations
  2. Opening meeting with key leaders & stakeholders
  3. True Lean™ instructors “go & see” to assess:
    • Leadership alignment; 
    • People & culture indicators; 
    • Operations & support functions processes;
    • Problem-solving methodologies;
    • Standardization; and,
    • Other areas as determined in the pre-work discussions
  4. Report-out to key leaders & stakeholders, high-level overview of findings, along with recommendations for both short- and long-term countermeasures / activities
  5. Begin development of Master Plan
  6. Closing meeting


Location & Length:

  • Client location (3 days)

Fees: Size of organization determines number of True Lean assessors needed, impacting costs

Contact Sandra Dunn to begin the process for your customized assessment