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Lean Executive Leadership Institute (LELI)

Executives learn the key elements of Toyota, Toyota Way, and TPS in order to determine if the True Lean™ path is appropriate for their organization and themselves.

Designed for:

Enterprise Leadership & Lean Transformation leaders


Knowledge you will gain:

  1. The foundations of the Toyota Production System (TPS) that lead to True Lean™
  2. How to apply True Lean™  principles & practices to lead, and then to achieve sustainability
  3. Executive and leadership team performance and behaviors expectations (command & control vs. True Lean™)
  4. Management structure and measurement systems that support and sustain an ongoing lean transformation
  5. Upon completion of the LELI, participants will be able to not only describe the philosophy, principles, and practices of a lean enterprise, but also to determine their needs-based next steps


Interactive with Gap Analysis “Takeaway”

  • This interactive session includes off-campus tours, exercises, and open discussions 
  • Case studies and site visits to “Go & See” -- witness True Lean™ successfully applied


Coaching Available

  • Executive Coaching for leaders embarking on True Lean™ journey and strategy development


Location & Length:

  1. On-Campus: 2 days
  2. Dedicated location (Site of your choice)

Fees: $5,000 per on-campus participant. For information on fees for a dedicated session, contact Sandra Dunn.

Dates: April 25 - 27, 2023 & October 17 - 19, 2023

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