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Hoshin Kanri

Hoshin = Goals (with targets), & the means for achieving 

them to address business priorities. 

Kanri = Management


Learn how Hoshin Kanri establishes and manages enterprise-wide targets and goals that align resources toward breakthrough improvements in performance. Hoshin Kanri engages all levels of the organization in systematic problem solving while developing essential capability and capacity to address strategic challenges.

Designed for:

Enterprise Leadership, Corporate Planning leaders, & Lean Transformation leaders, then cascaded through organization leadership at all levels


Knowledge you will gain

  1. The role of leadership in establishing hoshin and the use of the Hoshin process
  2. How to address business needs effectively & efficiently through the application of systematic problem solving to plan and align company resources 
  3. Essentials of hoshin communication to meaningful top down & bottom up, participative, target & means focused strategic planning
  4. How hoshin kanri contributes to human development and building a high performance culture
  5. Creating a visual management system to track both results and the process


Interactive with Gap Analysis “Takeaway”

  • This interactive session includes Hoshin planning tools and examples for participants to begin developing their process


Coaching Available

  • Executive Coaching for Individuals implementing the Hoshin Kanri system
  • Ongoing needs-based coaching on Hoshin Kanri process


Location & Length:

  1. On campus (2 days)
  2. Dedicated location (Site of your choice)

Fees: $2,500 per on-campus participant. For information on fees for dedicated session, contact Sandra Dunn