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Ergonomics Certification

Earn your Certification in the only program available that incorporates the principles & practices of True Lean™ with the principles & practices necessary to create an ergonomically sound work environment.


Increase productivity & morale by designing ergonomically safe and efficient processes utilizing the True Lean™ Tools, 5S/Visual Management, Standard Work, Job Instruction Training, and problem-solving. Reduce physical risk factors and mitigate risks for your people and your organization.

Designed for:

Professionals in Safety & Security, Risk Management, Purchasing, Engineering, Construction, Human Resources, Worker’s Compensation, and Healthcare (physicians, occupational nurses & physical therapists, occupational therapist, industrial hygienist, athletic trainers, chiropractors)


Knowledge you will gain:

  1. Fundamentals of True Lean™ Ergonomics – on people, process, productivity, and profitability – preventative ergonomics
  2. Establishing risk abatement hierarchy, with clear roles & responsibilities
  3. How ergonomically safe process, when designed correctly, will increases efficiency
  4. Designing/Redesigning, and standardizing systems & processes
  5. Designing risk assessments to systematically identify physical risk factors outside of the established standard
  6. Utilizing systematic problem solving to develop sustainable countermeasures
  7. Embed ergonomically sound work environment and habits into your culture – involving full engagement of the people in the process, and creating a safe environment to elevate issues


Interactive with Gap Analysis “Takeaway”

  • True Lean™ Ergonomics Certificate

  • Upon completion,  participants will be able to not only describe True Lean™ Ergonomics, but also will be able to determine their needs-based next steps
  • Participants also will develop written policies and procedures to manage all aspects of an organization’s ergonomics processes


Coaching Available

  • Ongoing needs-based coaching on True Lean™ Ergonomics
  • Auditing your existing program and detailed plan development


Location & Length:

  1. On Campus: 5 days
  2. Dedicated location (Site of your choice)

Fees: $2,500 per on-campus participant. For information on fees for dedicated session, contact Sandra Dunn.

Dates: Coming Soon!

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