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Accounting in a True Lean Environment

Designed for:

  • CFO’s and Finance & Accounting leadership teams  
  • Leaders who aspire to C-suite but have been promoted through non-finance functions such as operations or marketing


Knowledge you will gain:

  1. Comprehensive understanding of the function of lean accounting, along with the value contribution of accounting to True Lean™ (and how to maximize that value)
  2. Guiding principles for all support functions to improve service, staffing, efficiencies, engagement, stewardship, and to eliminate waste for operations --
  3. How to improve efficiency and effectiveness applying True Lean™ principles and key practices (includes examples)
  4. How to evaluate the direction and method of accounting from a lean viewpoint


Interactive with Gap Analysis “Takeaway”

  • Deeper understanding of how Finance functions can deliver the needed service without overcomplicating it, or without burdening the organization
  • This interactive session includes off-campus tour of Toyota, Q&A, and open discussions to tie all of the points together
  • Materials include all key learning elements and accounting as practiced at Toyota


Coaching Available

  • Executive Coaching for Individuals

  • Ongoing needs-based coaching on Finance & Accounting True Lean™ elements


Location & Length:

  1. On Campus: 2.5 days
  2. Dedicated location (Site of your choice)

Fees: $2,500 per on-campus participant. For information on fees for dedicated session, contact Sandra Dunn.