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Toyota Experience Matters!

We transfer our TPS & Toyota Way knowledge and experience to you.

True Lean™ is a System, not merely tools and instruction.
It is more than Kata, Six Sigma, or a Toolbox.

Our value is the richness of not only our Toyota experience, but also our experience supporting other organizations in their transition to True Lean™.  Many fail on their lean journey because they are not following the True teachings of Toyota.  Other teachings instruct on what they have read (or tried) about Toyota tools. But they miss the True Essence of Toyota teachings, and they do not include the cultural elements.

"Many good American companies have respect for individuals and practice kaizen and other TPS tools.  But what is important is having all elements together as a system."

Fujio Cho
Former Chairman of Toyota Motor Corporation

"The key to the Toyota Way and what makes Toyota stand out is not any of the individual elements, but what is important is having all the elements together as a system. It must be practiced every day in a very consistent manner, not in spurts."

Taiichi Ohno
Former EVP Toyota Motor Corporation


Executives learn the key elements of Toyota, Toyota Way, and TPS in order to determine if the True Lean path is appropriate for their organization.

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Based upon Toyota teachings, this series provides individuals with the knowledge and skills necessary to navigate through transformation toward ensuring long-term sustainability.  This three-week series (one week per month over three months) delivers True Lean knowledge and practices participants apply in the workplace between sessions. Participants deliver eight-step problem-solving presentations during week 3.

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On-site activity where our True Lean instructors assess current condition and review existing lean plans and activities. We then partner with your organization’s leadership to develop a master plan for you to begin or to continue on your True Lean journey.

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Learn Toyota’s Eight-Step Problem Solving method, which is applicable to every organization. At Toyota, this method is more than a mere tool; it defines how Toyota leaders think and communicate in order to keep problems from returning.

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This is the Cultural DNA Piece of True Lean--and True Lean cannot be sustained without it. Sessions and coaching are based upon our team’s Toyota experience as well as their experience partnering with other organizations’ transformations.

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Learn the origin, philosophy and practical application of Standardized Work, which is critical to transformation and to building your True Lean System. Understand how to apply it to daily management in every area and function.

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Learn Toyota’s TPM (Total Productive Maintenance), which is designed to ensure essential equipment maintenance occurs without disrupting the production schedule. TPM prevents equipment failure or malfunction--and frequent stops--while ensuring safety and environmental safeguards are in place.

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Designed for:

  • CFOs and Finance and Accounting leadership teams
  • Leaders who aspire to C-suite but have been promoted through non-finance functions such as operations or marketing

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Learn Toyota’s Hoshin Kanri, a business planning system to improve the speed and quality of management through:

  • Vertical and horizontal communication and consensus
  • People development
  • Using the system to strengthen the PDCA cycle of management.

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Increase productivity and morale by designing ergonomically safe and efficient processes utilizing the True Lean tools, 5S/Visual Management, Standardized Work, Job Instruction Training and problem-solving. Reduce physical risk factors and mitigate risks for your people and your organization.

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